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It is good to know the definition of a virus as many of you do not even know what a virus is. A virus is a program that finds its way into the computer system, multiplies and spreads from one computer to another. The viruses spread from one computer to another by various means which may include the use of removable media, connecting several computers wirelessly and by the use of an infected website.

When a virus infects a computer, they slow down the processing speed thus making the computer very slow. Other viruses change the location of a file and even deleting it from the storage.The long term effects of the computer virus is that it slows the computer processes and leads it to crash thus losing almost all the documents saved in the affected folder. These viruses can be removed from a computer using several means. They include the use of an antivirus that is up to date or by the use of a company specialized in virus removal.

These companies remove the virus from the roots thus becomes more efficient than the antivirus softwares. Some of these companies require you to upload the file to be scanned for them to remove them. Google, for instance, is very helpful when it comes to online virus removal. Google subsidiary virus total tool helps scan the file that has been uploaded and if a threat is found, it removes it immediately.

Microsoft is another leading virus removal company with tools that remove the deadliest malware in the computer. They include the Microsoft Security Essentials and the famous Windows Defender. These softwares are very strong as the update themselves automatically and regularly.

Some viruses and malware are very strong for some antiviruses but can be removed by the services offered in most virus removal companies that are established. These viruses include the Trojan horse, worms and the email viruses. By definition, a Trojan horse is a program that behaves like an executable file. Once it is executed, it slows the speed of the computer processing. This is where you will find a command taking longer than necessary to be executed. Trojans do not multiply but they weaken the general protection of a computer system making it vulnerable to other virus attacks.

Worms affect the speed and processing while an email virus spread from a computer to another through emails. They email themselves to other email contacts when there is an internet connection. Unlike the Trojan horse, worms and email virus multiplies and spread from a computer to another.

Such malwares will become very hectic to remove with antiviruses as they are weak. This is because the virus definitions keep on changing with the changing attacks. This is why the computer virus removal companies are recommended for the removal compared to the antiviruses.

The companies have the strongest programs that are updated to the present virus definitions thus become easy to remove any kind of attack with ease. Even when computer antiviruses are widely used, computer virus removal companies are recommended and preferred to them.